Layers and layers of people we encounter moment by moment, Oh, for the secret thoughts and battles of the mind to be revealed. . .

The real you, the real me padded and primmed, tucked and trimmed; gently covered like knees under church doilies, clasped like staunch prayer fingers aiding in the request for deliverance from condemned temptations, but, “The Lord looketh at the heart”…

Author: madison5thave

One million and one thoughts!

2 thoughts on “Uncovered”

  1. I love this! But are we ever truly uncovered? We mature, we grow, and we change. God looks at the heart, but he also knows parts that may not be revealed for years, parts that are not even tapped into yet. How can we measure the thickness of each of our layers? This blog calls for great thought.

    1. Thank you Natlee. You definitely mention a true statement, which does require much thought. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. I will keep thinking about it. Thanks for the response and food for thought!

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